Prayer App Chart HeaderSample Prayer Application Chart for Person:--ANGELICA--- by effective fervent prayer and answers recorded.

Praying for Others According to 6 Prayer Principles

Answered Detail Adoration Anticipation Submission Petition Confession Resolution
  1A1B-Weaknesses: 2A1B-Salvation (lacks assurance)        
  Sovereign (lacks trust)         6A2B4C SHIELD OF FAITH (she is of great faith acts toward her son)
  Love/grace (lacks kind, gentle spirit) 2A2B-Evangelism (lacks courage to witness)        
  Hospitable (always sacrificing to others)   3A1B2C1D2E1F-Mate (she is not submitting to husband in this spiritual matter)      
    2A4B-Occupation (Faithful in her job, planning future well)   4A.2B.5C FINANCIAL (she has excellent financial skills/planning)    
  Revelation of God's will       5A2B6C- BLESSED (she lacks the joy of realizing forgiveness of premarital sin, guilt continues to hinder her)  

Variations of this chart. "Angelica" is entirely fictional, chart is given as sample only.

Since this is a template, you may copy and replace some of the cells with more or less detail. for example you could make one chart out for your immediate family of 3 or 4 only per page, or even one whole page for each person, and list in the 30 rows all the complex details covered under each principle and how they might apply to that person: See Charts: Prayer App Individual : Prayer App Family : Prayer App Church